All You Need to Know About Cast Vinyl

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High-Performance Vinyl for Your Vehicles

Also known as “2-mil vinyl”, it is a premium product used to create high-quality vehicle graphics. Liquid vinyl (PVC Plasticizers, and pigments) is applied onto a casting paper. As the paper moves over the roll through an oven, the solvents used to make the product a liquid evaporate resulting in a dry and very stable vinyl film.

Benefits of Cast Vinyl GraphicsBenefits of Cast Vinyl Graphics

  • Available in standard color options
  • Vehicle graphic will resist heat
  • Retain color better than other vinyl options
  • Durable material (seven to nine years outdoors)
  • Flexible material ideal for curved or complex surfaces

Components of Self-Adhesive Vinyl Graphics 

The liner (the back portion of the vinyl), the adhesive (high-performance acrylic adhesive), the vinyl film (50 to 150microns thickness), and the pre-mask (protects the vinyl).

Cleaning Your Vehicle Graphics

Durability and the integrity of color can be extended with proper care and limiting exposure to the elements. For example, avoid using cleaners with ammonia and try parking your vehicle in shaded areas.

To properly care for your cast vinyl vehicle graphics, you can use detergents specially designed for automotive purposes and rinse with plenty of clean water. And don’t forget to dry it!

High-quality vehicle graphics

When washing your vehicle graphics, do it in a shaded area. Stay away from pressure washers and any other things that may cause it to peel or discolor.

Following these tips will help you protect your investment!

Recommended Uses for Cast Vinyl

  • Vehicle wraps
  • Sport vehicle graphics
  • Recreational Vehicle graphics
  • Architectural wraps

Looking for a Product That is Going to Last More Than 2 Years?

High-quality vehicle graphics made of cast vinyl are for you.  Get in touch with Express Signs at 615-867-3116, and we will make sure you get the best product for your fleet or personal vehicle in Tennessee.

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