What Should I Avoid on My Commercial Signs?

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For your company to be successful, it needs customers, and one of the most effective ways to attract your targeted audience is to use high-quality custom signs. According to several studies, 70% of people who go into a store they have never entered is because of the signage. But, for your sign to be valid, there are certain things you should avoid. 

Things to Avoid on Your Custom Business Sign

Wrong Font

Your signage font is one of the most crucial elements. If it is not easy to read, then you will end up losing many potential customers. On average, when someone reads a sign, they will only have a few seconds to do so, and a font that it is not simple may not be easy to understand.

Overcrowding Your Sign    

As stated before,  passersby only have a few seconds to read a sign, and adding too much information to your business sign will make it hard to focus on what is necessary. Make sure to prioritize and include on your sign only what it’s vital to encourage your targeted audience to become your customers. 

Incorrect Size

If your sign doesn’t have the correct size, it won’t be visible enough. Always consider the distance between the location where the installment of your business sign will be and the view of passersby, to determine the correct size for your sign, making it visible enough.

Custom Business Sign

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