Best Illuminated Systems for Outdoor Signage

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When choosing a sign for your business, you only want the best. You want a sign that is easily seen no matter the time of day and regardless of the outdoor weather conditions. While there are several outdoor sign options available, an illuminated system is ideal. Here are three outdoor lighted business sign options to consider.

1. Channel Letter Signs

If searching for outdoor lighted business signs, channel letter signs should be at the top of that list. This is one of the most popular outdoor signs and for good reason. These signs are lighted in the front or the back of the sign, which makes them easy to see, bright, and eye-catching. You can customize these signs so they have lots of colors and are large and bold.

Neon signs are popular illuminated signs for businesses.

2. Neon Signs

Neon signs are another popular outdoor sign option. These products have a very unique glow but can still provide the bright light that makes them easy to see. Plus, you can use neon signs in the indoors as well. 

3. Lightbox Signs

If looking for a way to light up your company logo or brand, a lightbox sign is worth your consideration. This type of sign uses an internal light source that illuminates up your logo. However, when the light is not on, the sign is transparent, making it much harder for your customers to see your brand. You may want to discuss this sign option with an expert to discuss the pros and cons for your specific business.

When selecting the best outdoor signs, you must do your research. You want to consider all available options so you can easily choose the best sign for your business. If you have any questions or are ready to upgrade your current business signs, give us a call at Express Signs. We are ready to help you improve your company’s image and brighten up your business with the right exterior sign.

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