Boost Your Electronic Signage Lifespan

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Out of the many different forms of physical advertising that a company can do, there is no doubt that professional electronic signage is one of the most visually striking options. This is because the bright digital screen pops a lot more than most printed options, which is only one of the many electronic sign advantages that exist.

The Lifespan of Electronic Signage

Unlike the digital signage used for trade show displays in Bell Buckle 15 or 20 years ago, the technology used today is significantly more durable and is capable of lasting an incredibly long time. In fact, it is estimated that if properly taken care of, most LED signs should be able last upwards of 80,000 hours before the image quality becomes at all affected.

But this lifespan is only going to be possible if you make sure to take proper care of your electronic signage. So we’ve decided to provide you with some electronic sign maintenance tips to help you discover how to boost the lifespan of your electronic signage.

Electronic YOLO sign

LED electronic signage is far more durable than its LCD equivalent.

Dust the Signage Equipment

As you probably already know, dust gathers quite quickly, which means that if you are not staying on top of it, then it will quickly cover your digital sign in a thick layer of dust. Not only does this make the sign look worse but it also puts its safety in jeopardy. So you need to make sure that you are regularly dusting your electronic signage and any of the electrical equipment used to operate it.

Use an Electronic Cleaner for the Digital Signage Screen

Regularly wiping down the sign’s screen is crucial to making it last longer but what you are cleaning it with is just as important as how often you are cleaning it. Instead of using water, which has the possibility to leave streaks and cause damage to the electrical equipment, you should use a spray specifically designed to clean the screens of electronic products.

Once you’ve read these maintenance tips, you should be ready to contact our electronic signage professionals at Express Signs and get fitted with the perfect sign for your business needs.

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