Common Signage Mistakes to Avoid

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Your business signs are, in many cases, the first information that someone has about your company, and if it not done correctly, it might affect the perception that the viewer can have about it. For this reason, it is imperative to avoid some common mistakes when designing and manufacturing your custom-made business signs. Here are some of them.

Bad Design

Nowadays we live in a very competitive marketplace and having a sign that is not attractive means losing many business opportunities that your competitors will be happy to take. So make sure to choose a professional graphics design company like Express Signs to design an attractive and cost-effective signage design to attract new customers to your business, and overcome your competitors.

Too Much Information    

One of the most common mistakes many business owners make is to add too much information on their business signs. Most of the time, passersby only have a few seconds to read a sign, and if it is overcrowded, it will be hard to read and understand.

Wrong Size

Something many business owners don´t consider is the distance that there is between the signage location and the passersby, so they choose their custom sign size without considering this factor. It is crucial to select the right size to guarantee that your sign will be visible.

Incorrect Font

Choosing a font just because it is cool without taking into consideration if it is easy to read, is a big mistake. Always make sure that you select a font that is simple, easy to read, and also choose the right size so that the viewers don´t have a hard time when reading your business sign.

Custom-Made Signs in Tennessee

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