What Makes a Great Business Card?

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Creating a good business card is not as easy as it seems. Adding the right information is key for it to have the desired impact.

How to Design an Effective Business Card

Making a little 3.5”x2” piece of paper into something that conveys what your brand is about, provides enough information about your business and packs a punch without being overwhelming, is not an easy task. Designing an effective business card is almost an art but considering these three tips could help you simplify the process.

Avoid Cramming Too Much Stuff on It

Don’t treat it a like a notepad. You should not cover every inch of your business card with all kinds of information, colors, images and who knows what else. Keep it simple. You need to find a balance between too skimpy and content overkill. You want to make an impact with just enough information.

Make It Easy to Read

So, yes. Your business card should not have too much information but the information you do decide to include should be legible. That’s your number one priority. Use fonts that not only relate to your brand but that are simple. Fonts that are too elaborate can make it complicated for people to read your message. Color contrast is also super important. Make sure you use colors that complement each other to generate contrast that is appealing to the eye.

Business Cards in Tennessee

Have Professionals Assist You

Sure, you do can all of this out of your home but your business cards are not going to look as professional. If you want to make the right impression, you are going to need professional help. At EZ Signs, we can design your amazing business cards that will get the attention of your audience and spark the curiosity of potential customers. Come to us for professional looking business cards that meet your expectations and do your business justice.

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