How to Create a Striking Wood Sign for Your Restaurant

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Of all the types of exterior signs that you could have for a business, a wood sign is perhaps the best. This is especially true when it comes to customer service businesses like restaurants. So if you are looking to create some new restaurant signs, then here is why and how you should go about creating some visually striking custom wood signs.

Benefits of a Wood Sign

Despite the fact that wood signs are a much rarer sight, they do possess many extraordinary benefits. For example, they are able to create an image of timelessness or sturdiness for your business. This is because of the fact that they are made using trees, which are often seen as very sturdy and reliable objects. So instead of coming off as a new pop-up shop, you can make your restaurant look like an age-old community cornerstone.

wood sign

Wood signs give your restaurant a unique appearance to the competition.

Custom wood signs are also able to generate a natural calming connection, which is exactly what you want for the people coming to eat at a restaurant. This calming connection to nature is actually the main reason why custom wood signs are so commonly used by yoga retreats and mountain resorts, and it is exactly what makes them such good restaurant signs as well.

How to Maintain a Wood Sign

For starters, it’s easier to maintain custom wood signs when they are made using more durable wood. So try and make your restaurant signs out of something like red cedar, cypress, or redwood to make maintaining their stunning appearance much easier.

You’ll also want to touch up the coat of outdoor paint and reapply the water-repellent preservative every year or two in order to make sure it stays stunning for long as possible.

By following these steps, you’ll be able to receive the many fantastic benefits of custom wood signs for your restaurant. When you’re ready to get some new restaurant signs, make sure to contact us at Express Signs today.

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