How to Keep Your Vehicle Wrap Looking Great for Longer

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There’s nothing like the look of a fresh-installed vehicle wrap. To keep your wrap looking sharp, proper care is needed.

3 Tips to Maintain Your Vehicle Wrap

Few things are worse than seeing a car with its vinyl wrap peeling off, regardless of whether you’re using it to jazz up the look of your car or to advertise your brand. A vehicle wrap is not something you can install and then forget about. If you want to extend the life of your vinyl wrap, there are a few simple things you should do.

3 Tips to Maintain Your Vehicle Wrap

Make Sure to Keep It Clean

This doesn’t mean you have to wash it every time a little dirt gets on it but definitely wash it frequently and most importantly, gently. Car washes shouldn’t be your go-to option anymore, as they can be really harsh on your vehicle wrap. Hand washing it is the preferred method. Just use a soft sponge, a mild soap, and one bucket for clean water and another one for rinsing water. This will keep you from getting any scratches on the vinyl from the dirt you’re removing.

Say No to Wax

Vinyl and wax are not exactly close friends. Wax is meant to be used on metal. Using it on vinyl might stain your wrap or leave streaks of wax on your vehicle wrap. And if you have a matte-finished vehicle wrap, wax could permanently ruin it.

Remove Any Drips Quickly

Don’t leave contaminants hanging on your wrap for too long. Bird drips, tree sap or road paint that is left on for too long could ruin your wrap’s finish.

Show-Stopping Vehicle Wraps in Tennessee

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