Most Popular Signage Types for Your Office Lobby

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Having stylish indoor business signs is important for any business. This is especially true for an office lobby area. So in order to make your lobby look as good as possible, here are the most popular types of office signage that you are going to want to get.

Acrylic Letters

If your business is more formal, then getting acrylic letters may be the best choice. These shiny letters are available in nearly every color, meaning that they can be perfectly suited to match your brand’s colors. Plus, they can be installed in either a flush mount or dimensional effect.

Illuminated Lobby Sign

Neon signs are popular illuminated signs for businesses.

By giving your lobby sign some subtle backlighting, it helps to create an elegant style. This also helps to make the office signage much more eye-catching, which is something that every business wants.

Metal Letters

If acrylic letters don’t quite appeal to you enough, then there is always the option to use metal letters for the indoor business signs hanging in your lobby. These are typically made with aluminum so that they are very lightweight and easily shaped to match whatever font you like best.

Lobby Plaques

This type of office signage comes in a wide variety of styles. You can get a lobby plaque made using acrylic or aluminum letters, as well as hung in either a vinyl or dimensional design. It is also possible to get a plaque with an opaque background, which is great for covering up any imperfections in the wall.

Regardless of which of these office signage types you decide to pick for your lobby area, they are sure to be a hit if made by a qualified manufacturer. So make sure that you contact our team of professionals at Express Signs for all of your lobby area signage needs.

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