Is It Time to Update My Signage?

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Quality signage can bring tons of attention to your business. Keeping your signage current is an important part of making the right impressions.

How to Tell If You Need New Signage

Your signage is an essential part of your image. Making an investment in good signage is a smart choice that can put your brand on the minds of your customers. However, it is not just about having signs with your name on them. The quality of your signage matters, and the look is important as people consider it a direct reflection of who you are. Don’t be the business that is known for having signs that are all falling apart.

Understanding when it is the right time to freshen up your signage can keep your business relevant in the market. If any of these three situations apply to you, the time for new signage has come.

Quality signage

Quality signage helps you stand out from the competition

Your Signs Are in Bad Shape

When the sun has faded the colors of your sign, parts are broken or there are signs of oxidation, your signs are definitely far from being presentable to the public. Remember people will associate how your signage looks with the quality of your business and the work you do. Don’t give people the wrong impression and take care of those items before they end up costing more money and clients.

Your Signage No Longer Matches Your Brand

Updating brand elements like your logo and fonts means that every marketing material you have shared so far is outdated and needs to be redesigned, too, to reflect your brand properly.

You Have No Signage

Worst case scenario is you have no signage at all. If this applies to you, new signage is a must. No business can survive without a sign or marketing materials. Would you trust a business that has no sign? Probably not. To put your name out there and generate brand awareness, high quality signage is the best way to go.


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