Tips to Create a Great Monument Sign For Your Business

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When you want to help advertise your business, custom outdoor signs are going to one of the best tools at your disposal. But not just any type of exterior signs will do the trick. Here are a few reasons why monument signs for business are so great and what you can do in order to create a truly stunning one.

It is Incredibly Easy to See

monument signs for business

You’ll want to place monument signs in a location where they won’t be obstructed by any large items like trees or benches.

The problem with many other signs is that they are not always very easy to see. Having a flat letter sign on the storefront will only make it visible from the front, while many other types of signs might be too small to be seen by someone more than 30 or 40 feet away. However, with monument signs, there is almost no limit to their reach.

They are incredibly easy to see even when someone is an entire block from your business or is driving by on the road next to your building. So by using monument signs for business, you are getting as much brand exposure as possible.

Give It Contrast

The last thing you want to do is spend time designing some great custom outdoor signs, only to give them colors that make them blend into the sign background or surroundings. This will defeat the very purpose of a monument sign, which is to make your business extremely visible. Therefore, you’ll want to give the signs a fair amount of contrast to make them more eye-catching and easy to read.

Of course, this is only a small taste of the benefits of a monument sign and what goes into making the perfect one. To unlock the potential of some perfect monument signs for business, make sure to contact us at Express Signs.

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